My website text has common facts gathered from numerous books and online sources.  I’ve tried not to step on any authorial toes in my selection of colorful tidbits.  Images are public domain, my own and friends’ photos, or Wikimedia Commas photos licensed to share with attribution to the original source.

Floats The Dark Shadow was carefully researched in Paris and in dozens of fascinating books. Still, somewhere in these pages an error must lurk.  I hope the reader will accept this world as a slightly alternate universe in which the discrepancy is true.

A Night At The Opera In The Year 2000, by Albert Robida

Listed below are the acknowledgments for my mystery and its book trailer.


I give accolades to Tess Collins for her courage in starting BearCat Press:

Michel Colson’s marvelous Fog On Montmartre is our cover photo.  Visit his website at: and his art notebook can be viewed at:

Fax Sinclair did my cover portrait.  You can see her gorgeous nature photography at:

Exotic Jasmine by Fax Sinclair

Exotic Jasmine by Fax Sinclair

The uniquely talented Juan Casco designed our marvelous text font, Refugiatta:

David Rakowski, currently a composer and cat-tender, kindly gave permission for us to use his beautiful font, Horst, for our drop captials.

The Art Nouveau font Trinigan was for the chapter headings.  The floral design elements come from Scriptorium’s Art Nouveau Collection, and from Windwalker’s fleurons.

Special thanks to Captain Jay Jorgensen of the Albany, CA. fire department, for his expert advice.

A toast to my critique partners.  While other friends commented on various chapters, those who offered advice on the full text were: Mary Eichbauer, Tashery Shannon:, Judith Stanton:, Nancy Adams:,, Barb Schlichting: and, last but never least, my husband, Richard Anderson.

Quotes from J. K. Huysman’s Là Bas are from the public domain translation by Keene Wallace.

Jon McKenny provided the moving translation of Cherry Time.  The epigrams for Chapters 3, 6, 7, 16, 18, 24, 30, 41 and 42 are his.  Contact him at:

Sonja Elen Kisa did the Maldodor translation:

A.S. Kline gave permission for me to use his wonderful Verlaine translation for Chapter 13:

Mary Eichbauer did the translations of Anna, Comtesse de Noailles, and together we fashioned the poem about the Anatomical Venus.

Charles Sturm’s beautiful translation inspired the title. His work is also used for the epigrams of Chapter 1 and Chapter 27.  Other public domain finds were the work of M.D. Calvocoressi for Chapter 4, Gertrude Hall in Chapters 18 and 35, all samplings of Verlaine.  The mysterious Eugenia de B translated Victor Hugo’s prose for Chapter 36.

The remaining epigrams, Danse Macabre, and Anarchists’ Song translations are mine:



Evil Nocturne is the title of the fabulous music composed by MX47.

Kim Beeman offered his time and expertise to edit their music.


Images in the Trailer and on my website are either photographs of US public domain originals or faithful copies, new work offered with attribution, or copyrighted images used with consent.  Here and there is a photo by me as well.  The majority of images on my site are from Wikimediacommons, which has my gratitude for their extensive collection.  Several images, particularly the portraits I chose to represent the characters, are purchased from the rich resources of  Dreamstime, Shutterstock and other online companies.

The first Book Trailer image and  my Website Home Image is from  It is an adapted image.  The unaltered image (by Jeriby?) of the Eiffel Tower as seen from Montmartre is here:

Opening images are by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Edgar Degas, and Lautrec again.

Centerpiece Skull from Dreamstime’s Catacombs selection.

Public domain Paris street photograph by Eugene Atget.

Character photos primarily from Shutterstock.

In the Studio by Marie Bashkirtseff

Old print of Communard revolt and historic photo of executed communards

Spiral staircase from Dreamstime.

My own photos of Montmartre cemetery interspersed combined with Dreamstime image of a little girl.

Image of killer from photos on Wikimedia Commons, by photographer J.M. Schomburg.  Original image here:

Triptych created from public domain paintings from Wikimedia:  Jeanne d’Arc at the Siege of Orléans  and Jeanne d’Arc Burning at the Stake, both by Jules Eugène Lenepveu, and Gilles de Laval, sire de Rais, compagnon de Jeanne d’Arc, Maréchal de France (1404-1440), an imagined portrait by Éloi Firmin Féron.

Attributed Photograph of Gille de Rais’ Chateau at Champtoce by Pymousss, altered to remove modern bits, and edited for dramatic effect.  Original here:

The above image is combined with Janericloebe’s photo of 3 skulls released to public domain :

Wikimedia ossements photo by KoS released to public domain:

Gargoyle from Dreamstime.

Image of doctor holding heart by Enrique Simonet.

Priest image from Shutterstock.

Wikimedia commons image by Sascha Schneider, “The Anarchist“:

Averill (probably Shutterstock), combined with Dreamstime Moon and Clouds image.

Altered version of French Kiss by KoS:

Combined with old French postcard

Michel Colson Fog on Montmartre


Banner art has three posters by Jules Chéret.