Book Trailers

The first trailer captures the gothic mood of Floats the Dark Shadow.

Shadow Cabaret:
The evil carnival music brings a creepy humor to this trailer for Bitter Draughts.

The Dreyfus Game:
Political scandal causes an uproar in Paris. But evil comes in many forms.

Coming soon…

Theo’s World – A romantic and haunting video.

The Bitter Draught – Dark and moody revenge drama.

The Quest – a dark, intense trailer about Averill’s search for his missing sister in A Harmony of Hells.

Poem videos are in Poetry

Music credits in Merci ~ the majority of the music is by the fabulous Kevin MacLeod

Banner images from period posters: Le Cauchemar de Pierrot by Adrian Barrère, Medea by Alphonse Muncha, and Les Mauvais Bergers by Octave Mirabeau.


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