Enter the Paris Catacombs

BOO!!   To celebrate Halloween I’ve added an extra page on the Paris Catacombs to my website.  The main page deals with the history of the catacombs, the new one has a more modern slant, with a story about the … Continue reading

Nils de Dardel

Nils de Dardel, one of Sweden’s most famous artists, is all but unknown beyond its borders. His surname, according to the guide at the Modern Art Museum in Stockholm, is pronounced Dar-a-del. As soon as I saw the poster, I … Continue reading

For Love of Black Cats

In honor of Halloween, here is a collection of wonderful black cat images.  Enjoy.  Better yet, adopt a black cat.                 And something pretty to polish it all off….   … Continue reading

Interview With Ingrid Hall

I’m delighted to present Ingrid Hall, unique author, savvy reviewer, and provider of book and manuscript services. Ingrid was the prime mover behind forming Indie and Proud, our diverse group of talented authors. Ingrid has two books available. There’s Granny Irene’s … Continue reading


Many thanks to fellow INDIE AND PROUD author  Beryl Belsky from The Writer’s Drawer for her post:   CATS IN THE DRAWER   One of the most popular “stories from life” in the anthology A Certain Kind of Freedom: Stories and … Continue reading